Basics of Psychosocial Assessment Writing


What is a psychosocial assessment and why is it useful to know how to write one? If your profession somehow involves working with people and their health and well being, you can be sure that at some point in your life you will find yourself googling “how to do a psychosocial assessment?” Students of social care and health departments are often familiar with this type of assignment better than everyone else, but it still can be useful for their majors as well. There are some more unexpected perks in learning how to write this type of academic paper.

Q: What is a psychosocial assessment?
A psychological assessment is an important part of any healthcare and social care event since it helps you to gather crucial information about the patient’s surroundings and the environment from various sources and points of view. The environment is very important when it comes to treatment, and may just as easily increase the effectiveness of drugs and therapy as well as decrease them. In extreme cases, relatives may object or disrupt a patient’s treatment, and a thorough psychological assessment is aimed to identify such situations.

Q: What does a psychological assessment form look like?
As any formalized academic paper, it has a standard order you are supposed to follow. However, it’s better to check for any changes at your educational institution to avoid nuisances when you have to rewrite the whole paper because of a stupid formatting mistake. It’s a good idea to take an approved psychosocial assessment assignment from previous years, which was approved and write your own paper based on the structure and formatting of your colleague’s work. Please note that we don’t advise you to plagiarize someone else’s work, we suggest you learn from a paper which has been approved. And now let’s talk about the format itself.

  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Assessment
  • Intervention plan
  • References

The introduction and references are two obvious parts which you can find at any kind of an academic paper or not even one that is academically written. But what are the remaining parts? At the background information section, you are supposed to gather as much information about the client’s culture, previous illnesses, legal issues, drug and alcohol use, and current medical, economic and social conditions.

The assessment section is the body of your paper. This part typically consists of three sections. At first, you have to describe the assessment process, then strong and weak points in the environment and the character of your patient, and finally, you set goals. Tell your readers how you managed to establish a connection with your patient, which cultural backgrounds and previous experiences helped you to understand him or her better, and which ones served as obstacles.

The second part requires a thorough examination of the patient and his or her environmental strengths (coping mechanisms, positive attitude, relatives who are willing to help). Also, it’s crucial to indicate any negative characteristics both of the patient’s personality and their environment, since these obstacles can make the recovery process more difficult. And finally, you need to give a brief summary of three main problems you have selected for change.

The last part is similar to conclusions in other kinds of academic papers. Here you need to suggest a plan for improving your patient’s conditions and solving the three problems mentioned in the “goals” section above. You also need to suggest the means for implementing your plan and avoiding any possible obstacles that may arise because of the patient or the environmental drawbacks.

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