15 Marvelous Fashion Dissertation Topics

Milan, New York, Paris, and London — what do these cities have in common? All of them possess the status of a fashion capital. If you are studying fashion at your educational affiliation, the answer to our question from the first sentence must have appeared instantly in your head.

When you feel passionate about the subject, you want to know everything about it. If your passion is fashion, you are fond of examining its tendencies and regularities very thoroughly. One of the tasks that you will need to complete while studying at a fashion department is completing a fashion dissertation. In this article, we’ll give you tips on how to write it and we’ll also provide you with a list of fashion dissertation topics.

5 Quick Tips to Stand Out

  1. Try to be memorable. When you are writing a dissertation in physics, it’s essential to be accurate, and when you are completing a dissertation in literature, it’s important to be poetic. What concerns fashion dissertation, you should put in a lot of effort to distinguish it from other works. You need to stand out by means of creative decisions. You shouldn’t infringe format style requirements. If you were told to complete with black and white text, you shouldn’t use green paper, but you can present unique materials in the appendixes and in a Power Point presentation.
  2. Follow the initial requirements. There are some teachers that are very conservative. They won’t turn a blind eye to grammar mistakes or inconsistencies in your work even if you have great ideas. While trying to stand out, don’t forget to follow the initial requirements. You can do something additional (if your supervisor doesn’t have objections), but you shouldn’t do less.
  3. Use your eloquence. You are likely to know some quotations of famous fashion designers. The fashion industry likes innovators. You can’t be an innovator if you are not able to convince people. The most effective way to do that is to use your eloquence. This skill will be helpful for you during your entire life and it will also help you to stand out while defending your fashion dissertation.
  4. Be sincere. Imagine that you chose the topic that concerns furs and leather. Your main idea is that these materials can be easily substituted by those that are artificial. That way, fewer animals will die for humans and so on. If you wear furs yourself, this means that you don’t believe what you say and you won’t look sincere. It will be really awkward. So, write what you believe in and protect your own ideas, not the generally accepted ones.
  5. Show your analytical skills. Your work shouldn’t be fully narrative. You need to show your ability to analyze the events and their consequences. This skill will also help you to predict future tendencies and give strong arguments to support your ideas.

Top 15 Fashion Dissertation Topics

  1. The impacts of fashion on a person’s self-esteem.
  2. The influence of world wars on fashion in the 20th century.
  3. Ethnic clothing in your country: modifications that fashion has experienced through the last fifty years.
  4. Natural fur VS artificial fur in the 21st century.
  5. Fashion demands for royal families: how do they differ from the generally received?
  6. Factors that influence the dynamic development of the nature-friendly clothing movement.
  7. Main factors that affect the tendencies of sportswear.
  8. Which influence on the consumer’s action is more significant: the influence of particular bloggers or of fashion magazines?
  9. Trendsetters among celebrities within the last ten years.
  10. The reason for mass refusal of wearing formal clothes in the 2010s.
  11. Trendy colors: how are they chosen?
  12. The role of accessorization in creating a total look.
  13. Projection into the future: possible trends of the next fall.
  14. The development of fashion tendencies of makeup within the last twenty years.
  15. The changes to the length of the skirt through the last century.

How to Choose the Topic?

If you didn’t find a topic that you like on our list of fashion dissertation topics, you should think of it on your own. Follow our advice to make the best choice:

  • Concentrate on interesting issues. For many people, writing itself is boring, but it’s not so bad when you write about what you like. Try to define issues that you are interested in. Take time, don’t be rash. Pay attention to information that you perceive every day. Which pieces of news engage you more than others? Answering this question will help you to specify the content of interest.
  • Make sure that you’ll find necessary information. After you define several topics that are interesting for you, check if they are well-revealed in sources. Find books, articles, and other materials that you can use. You shouldn’t examine everything at once. You need to make sure that necessary information exists.
  • Ask youк teacher. You are likely to complete a dissertation for the first time. You don’t have enough experience, unlike your teacher. He or she probably read a lot of works like yours and knows exactly whether it is possible to reveal the specific topic properly at the moment. So, before making the final decision, ask your supervisor for advice.

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