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The essay as a genre of composition actively invades students' lives. And in many universities, the essay is offered as a final or entrance exam, not only where the subject area is literature and the English language, but also history, sociology, and so on. For a competent, interesting essay, it is necessary to follow certain rules and recommendations, or you can just buy cheap essay writing on our site.

The genre of the essay assumes freedom of creativity. In what way to compose your paper is up to you. But if you feel that you can't write a good essay, you'd better buy cheap essay online on our site. In the foreground of the essay is the personality of the author, his or her thoughts, feelings, and attitude to the world. This is the main goal of the work.

What is an essay as a genre of literary work?

The essay is a prose composition of a small volume, and a free composition, expressing individual impressions and thoughts on a specific occasion or issue and obviously not claiming an exhaustive answer. This is a new, subjectively colored word about something that has a philosophical, historical, journalistic, literal, scientific or fictional character.

The style of the essay is different in:

  • imagery
  • aphorism
  • paradoxicality

To convey personal perception, mastering the world, the author of the essay:

  • involves numerous examples
  • draws parallels
  • selects analogies
  • uses all sorts of associations

The essay is characterized by the use of numerous means of artistic expressiveness:

  • metaphors
  • imagery of allegories and parables
  • symbols
  • comparisons

The essay will look more interesting if it contains:

  • unpredictable conclusions
  • unexpected turns
  • interesting transitions

According to the speech construction of the essay, this is a dynamic alternation of polemical utterances and questions, using spoken intonation and vocabulary.

Specificity of the Genre of Essays

  • The title of the essay is not directly dependent on the topic: in addition to reflecting the content of the work, it can be a starting point in the author's reflections, expressing the relation of the part and the whole.
  • The free essay composition is subordinated to its internal logic, and the main idea of the essay is to be found in the author's reflections. In this case, the affected problem will be examined from different sides.
  • If in a work on a literary theme, then the rational combination of analysis of a literary work with its own reasoning should predominate, so the author's position is clearly expressed in the essay.
  • If in a traditional composition, then individual characteristics of the style and language of the author of compositions are welcomed, and in the essay, the individual author's style is a requirement of the genre.

If you want to say something different, new or non-standard, then the genre of the essay is your genre. Try and create, and, perhaps, the gift of a great publicist is hidden within you.

The essay of a student is an independent written work on the topic proposed by the teacher (the topic can be suggested by the student, but must be agreed upon by the teacher). The purpose of the essay is to develop skills of independent creative thinking and writing out your own thoughts. Writing an essay is extremely useful, because it allows the author to learn clearly, as well as correctly formulate thoughts, structure information, use the main categories of analysis, highlight cause-effect relationships, illustrate concepts with appropriate examples, and argue their conclusions to master the scientific style of speech.

The essay should contain a clear statement of the essence of the problem posed, include an independent analysis of this problem using the concepts and analytical tools considered within the discipline, and conclusions summarizing the author's position on the problem posed. Depending on the specifics of the discipline, the essay forms can be significantly differentiated. In some cases, this can be an analysis of available statistical data on the problem under study, the analysis of materials from the media and the use of the models under study, a detailed analysis of the proposed problem with detailed views, the selection and detailed analysis of examples illustrating the problem, etc.

How to Choose the Topic of an Essay

The topic should not initiate the presentation of only concept definitions – its purpose is to encourage reflection. The topic of the essay should contain a question, a problem, and a motivation for reflection. Choosing an essay topic can permanently stall your writing process, because you simply do not know what you will write about. In addition to the case where your teacher formulates the exact topic of the essay, the choice of the topic can be reduced to narrowing the direction given by the teacher, choosing from the proposed list of topics.

  • Narrowing of the given direction

The first of these cases implies that you have been given some general direction. For example, write an essay on the theme of the culture of London. This topic is too extensive and requires narrowing down to one single issue. Suppose, having visited this glorious city, you traveled along the "Piccadilly Circus" and now you have the idea of what to write about. Then you can formulate a theme, for example, like this: "The best thing about Piccadilly Circus." At the same time, your work itself can be devoted to what objects of the place are the most interesting, or what benefits a tourist will get after visiting this place.

Pay attention to who you write the essay for. Ordinary work for handing in to a teacher in a university will be significantly different from an essay given for admission to an educational institution, or when applying for a job. What does the person who will read your essay expect from you? Manifestations of originality, the ability to competently and beautifully argue, professional qualities, or something else?

  • Select from the list of topics

This option is simpler than the previous one, but it requires analysis of what you know best or would like to understand. Choosing a topic from the list given by the teacher, evaluate what knowledge and experience you already have on this or that topic. What authorial position could you express on the chosen topic?

  • Lack of topics

The third case is the complete absence of any topic. This option is the most difficult in terms of choice, but it gives you a lot of advantages, allowing you to write about what you want. In order not to drown in this ocean of possibilities, first determine what is most interesting to you. What do you think about most often? What attracts your attention to the point that you forget about everything else? What would you like to improve in the society, your city, or surrounding objects?

After you have decided on the direction, find out what you like most. Some love to describe picturesque events, places, interesting people and amazing things, some like to analyze, while others like to write about themselves, and the fourth will prefer to criticize what they do not like. Depending on this, your essay will be descriptive, analytical, reflexive, critical or otherwise.

By combining an interesting topic for you with the kind of essay, sketch out several variants of the topics. At this stage, it is not the exact wording of the topic that matters, but an understanding of the nature of the problem and the potential for its solution.

Buy Cheap Essay Writing on Any Topic

If you have found several writing services, evaluate each of them to see what site suits your needs the best. We suggest you to use Our writers will have observations and ideas on your topic, and can surprise readers with something, and give inspiration in thinking about your topic. You should understand that in the course of the work you will have to formulate certain requirements and set the deadline. Will you be able to write your paper on your own? If not, you'd better buy essay cheap on our site.

When studying the potential of a particular topic, our writer will pay attention to the availability of literary sources. In some cases, it is more logical for our writer to first try to find the necessary information in the sources, and then proceed to the design of thoughts in the form of an essay. For example, if you may need to analyze the state of the particular problem, our writer can do it for you. He or she will find out if you are late with your idea. Maybe someone has already managed to write an essay on the same topic. On our site, you can buy essay online cheap on the most interesting topic.

Stages of Our Writers' Work

  • The introduction is the essence and rationale for choosing the topic, and consists of a number of components that are logically and stylistically related. At this stage, it is very important to correctly formulate the question to which you are going to find the answer in the course of your research. When working on an introduction, our writer will answer to the main essay question. All students who want to get papers written by professional writers should buy cheap essays online on our site.
  • The main part is the theoretical foundations of the chosen problem and the main issue. This part assumes the development of reasoning and analysis, as well as their justification, based on available data, and other arguments and positions on this issue. This is the main content of the essay and this is the main difficulty. Therefore, subheadings are important, and on the basis of which the structuring of the argumentation is carried out; here our writer will substantiate (logically, using data or rigorous reasoning) the proposed argumentation or analysis. Where necessary, our writer will use graphs, diagrams and tables as an analytical tool. So, all students can buy essays cheap on our site with the best structure.
  • Depending on the question posed, the analysis is conducted on the basis of the following categories: the cause/effect, the general/special, the form/content, the part/whole, and consistency/variability. When students decide to buy essays online cheap on our site, they should clearly state what they want to see in their papers.
  • In the process of constructing an essay, it must be remembered that one paragraph should contain only one statement and the corresponding proof, supported by graphic and illustrative material. Therefore, filling the content of sections with arguments (corresponding subtitles), our writer limits himself or herself within the limits of the paragraph to the consideration of one main thought. If you order essay online cheap on our site, you can be sure that it will be written according to academic standards.
  • A well-tested way of constructing any essay is the use of sub-headings to indicate the key points of the reasoned presentation: it helps to look at what is supposed to be done (and answer the question whether the idea is good). This approach helps our writers to follow a specific goal in the research. Effective use of sub-headings is not only the designation of the main points that needs to be highlighted – their sequence may also indicate the presence or absence of logic in the coverage of the topic. So, if you buy an essay cheap on our site, our writer will cover your topic fully so that you will get a high grade.
  • The conclusion is a generalization and reasoned summary on the topic, indicating the scope of its application. While writing a paper, our writer will summarize the essay, or once again make explanations, reinforcing the meaning of what is stated in the main part. Our writer can use one of the methods recommended to draw conclusions: repetition, illustration, quotation, and impressive statement. The conclusion can contain a very important, supplementary essay element, as an indication of the application (implication) of the study, not excluding the relationship with other problems. Each cheap essay you receive from us will contain a strong conclusion.

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