How to Write an Essay on Terrorism

War On TerrorismTerrorism is an important topic in today's world. In the aftermath of the attack on September 2001, the subject of terrorism has become central to US foreign and domestic policy. Students trying to write an essay on terrorism for a psychology, history, English or political science class can create a successful essay if they take the time to do the necessary research as well as carefully plan the execution of the essay.

Brainstorming for an Essay on Terrorism

Brainstorm to find out how you want to approach your essay on terrorism. Just writing an opinion essay about terrorism will obviously not suffice for a college-level task. Most instructors will expect you to narrow your topic down substantially. You might have a list to select from that consists of topics like emergency preparedness, terrorism in other countries, methods of terrorism or even the history of terrorism. The more specific your chosen topic is, the better.

Research your subject thoroughly. To write a good essay you need to know what you're writing about. A lot of students have problems with papers and essays on terrorism for this reason -- they don't do the research that's necessary to understand the subject at hand. Collect a few different, broad resources on terrorism to give you a full understanding of the topic. Collect a few more specific resources that are appropriate for the topic. These can consist of books or scholarly articles.

War On Terrorism

  • Develop the thesis. Your research must explore some questions that have appeared in scholarship on terrorism. Create a thesis statement that states an answer to one of such questions. For example, if scholars believe that the events of 911 created a bigger emphasis on the government on emergency preparedness, it can be the topic of your thesis statement.
  • Write an outline of your essay about terrorism. Your outline must list the thesis statement and include some subheadings to show what the major sections of your essay will be. For example, an essay on emergency preparedness should include a small background on 911, fast responses by the government, and legislation resulting from the event which may have resulted in increased spending for emergencies, and statistics that back up the thesis.
  • Write the body of your essay. The body of essay will offer the rationale for the thesis. Some teachers will suggest a 3 to 5 paragraph essay, however, this may not be true if you need to write an essay in class. Instead, you must try to write a paper that answers a question - it doesn't matter how many passages or pages it takes. As a great rule of thumb, your essay should consist of at least 3 major subtopics that support the main thesis.
  • Conclude the essay. Each essay must have a conclusion which reiterates the main thesis of the essay as well as summarizes the research in support of your thesis. An introductory part need not be lengthy, however it must be thorough to reemphasize the main aspects of the essay. has written numerous essays on terrorism, so it's not a problem for us to complete your assignment. The topic is quite difficult - that's why we will find the best writer for this task to help you.

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