The Main Types of Academic Papers

Types of Academic Papers Most papers are written within four categories: exposition, description, narration, and persuasion. There are variations of different papers that are written in every main mode, however, each variation has the same overall purpose. So, let's describe these types of academic papers.

  • Exposition: a paper that attempts to inform your reader about something significant or explain something to him or her. Common expository writing: business or technical writing, compare or contrast essay, process writing, reaction or response essay, and usually an academic research paper.
  • Narration: writing that informs the reader about some particular event that took place. Common narration writing: short stories, personal essays, novels, poetry.
  • Description: one of the types of academic papers that uses vivid language to describe a place, person, or event so that the reader can imagine the topic clearly in his or her mind. Fiction and poetry usually use large amounts of descriptive writing, and sometimes only try to serve this descriptive purpose.
  • Persuasion: writing that takes a stand on a principle and tries to persuade the reader to adopt a similar mindset. At the collegiate level, persuasive writing tasks are rather common. The most standard persuasive essay is the argumentative paper. The reason for this is because writing an argumentative essay consists of incorporating critical thinking and usually the use of outside resources. Numerous papers written in disciplines are a variation of this paper and must be treated in a similar fashion.

Types of Academic Papers

It's significant to note that while a paper generally falls under one of such types of papers, good writing often incorporates a variety of these into the same task. For example, a narration piece will benefit from incorporating large amounts of description, and usually a persuasive essay should first explain some certain facts to the reader before arguing for or against a particular solution.

Writers of all disciplines should study these types of papers and learn how to write every one successfully as well as incorporate them into various forms of writing.

It is always a privilege to read cutting-edge research or ideas from publications. There is always studying to be done, and the probing of others’ methodologies as ideas resulting from fresh insights. Various “genres” of writing have varying conventions as well as expectations, and it helps to move in-and-out of the different types to understand all expectations.

A paper is based on these factors: the difficulty, the originality, the depth of the research, and the power of the analysis. Some academics are well-situated in their colleges or universities to surface certain kinds of research. Their perspective makes their work instantaneously desirable and original. Other academics have access to a range of research, albeit without a field of specialty that's in high demand, and they have to strive to identify value as well as to prove value in their work. has a team of writers who can write any type of paper for you: an academic research paper, an essay, a dissertation and so on. You leave an order and we make your studies much easier.

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