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How to Write Thesis

A thesis is the crown jewel of the whole course of your studies. When you finish the course, you are supposed to know how to write a thesis. However, this isn’t often the case in many universities and colleges: you have listened to dozens of lectures and read many articles, but you still don’t have a clear idea about your future thesis. Fortunately, you are not alone in this struggle, and there are a lot of people willing to help you.

Understanding Thesis Writing

  1. Choose a topic. The world is full of wonderful unknown things to be researched, but you still have to concentrate only on one of these things. The easiest way to come up with a great thesis topic is to ask a question that has always bothered you (“Why does George R. R. Martin kill so many of his characters?”) and your thesis will be the answer (“It is the symbolism of life and death in the works of George R.R. Martin.”).
  2. Find information. Make sure that information about the topic is relatively accessible. Building the Large Hadron Collider for your thesis research can be fascinating, and you will probably be given a Nobel prize in physics meanwhile. But joking aside, your effort will be wasted if your topic is too specific and was never written about before. Once you have come up with interesting questions, check how many articles related to this topic you can find offhand.
  3. Primary research. When you have made sure that your topic is quite popular and you will be able to find information, it is time to start your primary research. This isn’t a full-scale research with experiments and primary sources, this is more like a literary overview. This stage is not very fascinating, but very important, since you will get a general understanding of theories and the main ideas that exist in your field of studies.
  4. Writing the outline. We are sure that you have been told a million times that an outline is crucial in thesis writing. Unfortunately, we cannot change this truth, but we can help you with writing an outline or the whole thesis if you need such help. A good outline serves as the spine which holds everything you put into your thesis together. If you have encountered a messy, incomprehensible thesis with no clear point, there’s a high possibility it was written without an outline, so don’t waste an opportunity to make your work better and more easily readable.
  5. Start writing. There’s no other way to write a thesis than to sit down and actually start writing. It requires time and effort, however prepared you are. And if you feel that now you are not ready to spend several months buried under scientific magazines and books, place an order at to receive a high quality paper custom written according to your demands.

Choosing a Thesis Writing Service

Thesis Writing Service

You have wisely decided to look for some writing help while working on your thesis, but how can you choose the best service from dozens of various websites? During your search, pay attention to the following:

  • Security and confidentiality policies.

    In the era of the Internet, keeping something private can be quite a challenge, but we aspire to protect your personal information on all possible levels, which is why we have a rather strict privacy policy. For instance, you are not allowed to communicate with your author or conduct any payments outside the website. If your author requests such a payment, remember to contact members of our support team immediately. We also want to inform you that we won’t be able to guarantee your complete protection if you violate this rule through your own actions.

    However, if you follow these simple rules, we can guarantee that none of your personal information will be distributed to third parties. Even within the website, only members of our payment team know your name and corresponding e-mail. We know how to keep a secret.

  • Uniqueness rate and revision policy.

    When you order at a thesis writing service, you obviously expect your work to be unique, and we at take pride in providing qualitative and authentic works. However, a thesis is a lengthy academic paper, and since it is written by a human, not a machine, some mistakes can still be present in the final version. If you have detected those minor errors or any signs of plagiarism, you can always request a revision from your personal page. Just remember that you need to request a revision within 7 days with short papers, and within 21 days with long papers (with the feature of progressive delivery).

    We also wish to remind you that no service can guarantee you 100% uniqueness against closed plagiarism checkers that may be used by some educational institutions. However, there’s no need to worry, because our expert writers create works that will pass the strictest checkers. You can find out more about our revisions policy at the corresponding page at our website.

  • Money back guarantee.

    Not so many custom services can guarantee you a money refund, since the quality of a research paper isn’t easily definable. However, we want you to feel safe while ordering, that’s why we do have such guarantees.

    You can get a refund in case you are dissatisfied with the quality of the paper, or if the paper was late. In case of late delivery we either will recalculate the initial price of the order, or refund 100% of it, since you may not need the paper anymore. For more detailed information on each case, check our “Money Back Guarantee” page.

Check out numerous testimonials left by previous customers to reassure yourself that we are an awesome service — or, place an order and get a professionally written thesis paper to end your academic wanderings.

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