Cold War Essay

Writing an essay about the Cold War has its set of unique challenges that are associated with creating a history essay on any topic. There are some pitfalls to avoid, and things that you must take into account. The following text will disclose them.

How to Start a Cold War Essay

Cold War EssayHindsight is an excellent tool, however sometimes it can skew perspective. Specifically, do not write a history essay from the perspective that the way all events turned out is the only way. Always put yourselves as best as you can in the shoes of the people living in the time of the Cold War. It's the only way to achieve success in your research and writing.

With regard to the Cold War facts, it is vital that you do not write an essay as if the outcome was a foregone conclusion. Yes, the USA exists and the Soviet Union doesn't. Communism as a political movement is discredited and "Western capitalism" is alive and well. But, Cold War journalists, policymakers and generals did not know, in 1963, that in the next thirty years the USSR and its ideology would collapse. When you are trying to understand and explain Cold War facts and decisions, you cannot explain them from your hindsight-deluded perspective. You should look at the situation from both sides.

Cold War EssayThe further you go in your study, the more political it gets. It's especially true in the humanities, social sciences, history and political science. By the time you get to college or university, getting a high grade often means appealing to the professor's political viewpoint. You can whine about it, however, that is the way it is.

Now, some years ago, this meant being liberal. What this entails, in a few words: going back to the Soviets. Those days were left behind, but the political spectrum at institutions of higher education is starting to level out. While it may be a great development in a lot of ways, it makes writing essays a bit trickier as well. You have to read your professor and find out what exactly he or she is like. Then tailor your paper to fit the professor's political views. You may not like it, however it is certainly a part of writing a great paper with information on the Cold War.

Eventually, be aware of who you are reading. Cold War historians are infamous for filling books with moral judgments on their subjects and other historians. Their works may be useful, however, filter them by searching a little about who their authors are.

It is good historical knowledge in any case, however, even more when coping with modern history, and subjects as the Cold War. Because there are historians who will tell you that the USA is the greatest thing to hit the world since sliced bread and, Marxist historians still persist. So take some time to get to know the author's personality. It will pay off.

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