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Speech Writing Help

A powerful speech can raise stadiums and change people’s views on any matter. Rhetoric (the art of delivering public speech) was a compulsory subject in ancient Greece, and men who were good at giving speeches were likely to achieve greater success. Nothing has changed greatly from those times, apart from the fact that now speech writing classes aren’t compulsory, and sometimes they are not included in the curriculum at all.

Speech Writing Tips

Who hasn’t dreamed of delivering a speech that would make the audience rise, shout your name and applaud furiously? Though we cannot guarantee that your speech will have such an effect at first, these simple steps will definitely help you to make it better:

  1. Be daring, be brief. When Lincoln was giving his State of the Union Address, he did two very important things that made his speech iconic: he was bold and brief. Unlike his counterparts, he delivered a very short speech, which lasted only two minutes and consisted of 272 words. The Congress was cheering him like crazy, since the audience was prepared to listen a long and boring text, but instead they got two minutes of pure motivation. If you are writing a speech for the first time, use this simple trick to make it great: cut every word that isn’t essential for the text.
  2. Use rhetorical devices. Though such things as rhetorical questions and comparisons were discovered a long time ago, they are still pretty effective (humankind hasn’t change a lot, right?). Take advantage of this and make those meticulous tricks serve you. Just remember not to overload your speech with these decorations, or you will make it difficult to perceive. To get a better understanding whether your speech goes smoothly or not, read it to someone or just record yourself and listen afterward.
  3. Tell a story. Scientists say that people like listening to personal stories more than anything else (that’s why we are so keen on gossiping), and you can make an advantage from it while delivering your speech. You don’t need to be too revealing if you feel uncomfortable telling your entire life before a hall full of complete strangers. Find a funny episode to illustrate the topic of your speech, and this will help to connect with your audience on an emotional level.
  4. Have great examples to look at. Watch your favorite TED speeches again and try to figure out what makes them so special. What makes TED so special is that people delivering their speeches there are not professional actors or rhetoricians; however, they manage to tell about their experience in such a way that it makes everyone cry, or laugh, but most of all—shiver with excitement and inspiration.
  5. Practice. Yes, you will be nervous, badly nervous, especially if this is your first public speech. This is unavoidable, unless you drink too much or take sedatives, which eventually will make you weird looking and plain. It’s better to try to tame your nerves naturally and make them serve you. Rehearse your speech in front of a mirror, then in front of your friend, and then—a group of friends.

Where Do I Get Help?

Write My Speech

In case you need speech writing help, you can always place an order at and get a breathtaking speech written for you. Here are just a few more features that make us awesome:

  1. Complete security and confidentiality. Though there’s nothing wrong with getting some help with speech writing, some people would like to keep this fact a secret, and we can guarantee that it will remain a secret. We have a rather strict confidentiality policy that prohibits you from exchanging any personal data with your author. However, this strictness helps us to keep your personal information safe and secure. You can be sure that none of your personal data, not even e-mail, will be disclosed to any third parties. Even within the website, only members of our payment team know your name and corresponding e-mail.
  2. Money back guarantee. In case something goes wrong (just in case!), you can be sure that your money will be returned. You can request your money back due to various reasons, such as late delivery, quality dissatisfaction, etc. In some cases we return up to 100% of your money if you prove that the work was delivered late because of the author. You can find more information on each specific case at our “Money Back” web page. In case you still have some questions, feel free to contact members of our support team.
  3. Uniqueness rate. You can be sure that you will receive a 100% unique, custom written speech. You can check it on your own either using our own plagiarism checker, or any other checker available online. In case you detect even the slightest sign of plagiarism, you can request a free revision. We also have to remind you that we cannot guarantee absolute uniqueness against closed checkers that may be used in your educational institutions. But there’s no reason to worry: the maximum of what such checkers will find in your work is paraphrasing, which is acceptable for academic papers.
  4. Our authors. Before being hired to our team, each author undergoes strict testing that includes multiple stages. First of all, they need to introduce a valid proof or their academic achievements and a portfolio of written works. Then we give them a random topic and test their writing skills. And finally, we test their acquaintance with the website rules and policies. Such a practice helps us to pick the best authors to write works for you.

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