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Research Proposal Writing Help for Your Academic Success

Research Proposal Writing Help

You didn’t even start your research paper, but you are already having problems with it—particularly, with a research proposal. To write a research proposal, you need to have a clear understanding of it. This can be quite hard, since there are a lot of different definitions. The writers team is always ready to help with research proposal writing or to create a 100% unique proposal for you.

Writing a Research Proposal

We don’t want to scare you, but the potential of a research proposal is often underestimated. Students mainly write it with only one aim: to pass the committee successfully, and have the research topic be accepted. However, you can achieve a lot more by writing a qualitative proposal if you want to. Here are just a few tips of making your proposal better:

  1. This is your time to impress. It is true that attention will be paid mainly to the research itself, however, by creating a good proposal you can make your research easier to write. At this point you are showing your research potential to the thesis committee, and you can be sure they will remember a student with an outstanding proposal, which will make the whole process a lot easier, so treat your proposal as an investment into your future academic success.
  2. Be very clear. If you hardly have an idea what to write about, it’s better to consult your thesis supervisor. A proposal is written to convince others that you have an important topic to research, and that you are not going to “reinvent the wheel.” Which means by the time you write a proposal you have to have a very clear idea of your future investigations, and maybe even an outline of your thesis or research paper.
  3. This is not the research itself. Though your proposal has to contain sufficient information to convince the committee’s members that your topic is important, you don’t have to conduct full-scale research. Many students don’t have a clear idea of how a proposal should look, so they just start writing it as a research paper. Remember that a proposal is a formal document which doesn’t exist apart from your research. Moreover, your proposal shouldn’t be long. Each institution has its own criteria, but typically you need to write no more than 10 pages.
  4. Pay maximum attention to the literature review part. It is true that the introduction of any paper is your opportunity to impress the reader; however, when it comes to research proposal writing, you are given a second chance and this chance is called “literature review.” This part can show how great your research skills are and convince the committee that your topic is important, or it can show that you have no idea what you are writing about—this depends on how much effort you put into it.

Choosing a Good Service

Without sufficient time and practice, creating a good proposal can be as challenging as the research paper itself. Fortunately, you can always ask for research proposal writing help at And before you proceed with your order, we would like to tell you a little bit more about our awesome services and features.

Proposals help to estimate the size of your project. Do not make the project too large. Nowadays, 60 double spaced pages, with different figures, tables, bibliography, would be too long of a paper. The proposal can be shorter, perhaps 5 pages, or no more than 15 pages. Shoot for 5 pithy pages which indicate to a well-informed audience that you know your topic well and how the logic hangs together, rather than 15 or 20 pages that indicate that you've read many things, though you have not boiled it down yet to a number of prioritized, linked questions.

We provide:

Writing a Research Proposal
  1. Complete security. We have a rather strict confidentiality policy, which helps us protect your data. We remind you that communication or money transactions between you and your writer conducted outside the website are completely prohibited. You are also not allowed to share your personal information with your writer. In case the writer requests a direct payment, contact a member of our support team immediately. But there’s no need to worry, since our writers undergo strict testing, which includes knowledge of the website policies before being admitted to the team. By such strict security means, we can guarantee you that none of your personal information will be disclosed to third parties.
  2. 100% authentic texts. When you seek research proposal help, you expect the work to be 100% unique, and we can guarantee you that. We don’t have a database of ready works—each essay or research paper is custom written according to your demands. Even if it happens that the papers on the same topics are ordered, they will be created by different writers from different points of view, which ensures that they will be unique.

    More than that, you can always check the uniqueness rate using our own plagiarism checker or any other checker available online, and request a revision if you have detected even the slightest sign of plagiarism. However, we should warn you that there’s no way to guarantee complete uniqueness against closed private checkers used by educational institutions. But no need to worry: our experienced authors know how to create a paper that will pass any examination.

  3. Expert writers. We hire only top-notch academic writers who have a valid proof of their achievements. But apart from the fact that all our writers have a master’s degree, a PhD or an MBA, they also possess great academic writing skills and sufficient background knowledge to create excellent research papers for you. More than that, our authors are motivated to create great works for you, and they are always willing to help make your academic path easier. You will be offered a writer to work with, based on your requirements and the author’s qualifications, or you can choose one on your own.
  4. Money back and revisions guarantees. Not so many academic writing services will offer you money back in case you are dissatisfied with the quality of the order, since it’s not that easy to define the quality of a research paper. However, we at do have such guarantees to make you feel safe and protected while ordering. In case you are dissatisfied with the quality of the paper, you can always ask for your money back or a revision. We also return up to 100% of the initial sum if your work was late.

If you need help in research proposal writing, place an order and get a qualitative paper written just for you.

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