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Powerpoint Presentation

Everyone has seen an awful presentation at least once in their lives. It was either a presentation with no graphs or any other visual information, just a huge block of text combined together, or a presentation that had too many images and, worst of all, the text was placed over them. Of course, such a PowerPoint presentation doesn't help to understand the material better, but rather serves as a massive distraction. Combine this with boring speech, and you will get a result that will be labeled as "how not to deliver presentations."

However, making your presentation great and fascinating isn't as hard as it seems, and if you have a little time and, more importantly, the desire to impress and educate your audience, we are always ready to help by giving good advice and by doing the work for you.

Delivering a Great Presentation

Next time you listen to someone presenting, take your time and concentrate on your feelings about the speech. Do you like it? Was the PowerPoint presentation an aid for listeners rather than a distraction? Take short notes of what made the presentation great and what you didn't like about it. This way you will develop your unique recipe of a killer presentation. However, there are also some simple tips to make it instantly better:

  1. No huge text blocks. When you want to put a lot of text on the screen, your anxiety is speaking for you. You either don't want to tell this on your own because you find it boring and irrelevant (e.g. some highly formal parts in research papers), or because you don't quite understand the text and you are afraid that you will forget it. Well, remember that if you find the text boring and irrelevant, how can your audience develop a different way of thinking about it? If the information is compulsory and you cannot skip or avoid it, try to tell everything with your own words. This will help to both avoid unreadable text blocks at your presentation and make your speech more interesting and easily comprehensible.
  2. Use relevant, high-quality pictures. PowerPoint presentations are designed to support your words with evidence and to make it easier for comprehension, which means avoiding low quality pictures and high text load. However, just putting a dozen beautiful pictures into your slides won’t do the trick. First, try to make your contribution to the pictures. You are most likely not a professional photographer, but you can change the picture’s design, add text and a description, and “personalize” it (but don’t forget to put credits!).

    Secondly, try to make the information you are presenting as visual as you can. If it’s impossible to find pictures, you can always make graphs and lists which will help to portray the facts you are talking about easily. Make your factual information that you put on the slides short, but very concentrated, in case someone decides to take notes.

  3. Use the power to make the point. Be as short and concise as you only can. Yes, you will constantly have a feeling that you should also mention this and that fact, however, the best way to get rid of unnecessary information is to read the presentation aloud and record yourself. You will understand where to add or delete something while listening to the tape. And even if it doesn’t help, you can always ask someone else to listen to it and give their opinion. Take it from us, if you put a little effort in it, PowerPoint presentations will become a really fun thing to do and to deliver.

Why Choose Us

Powerpoint Presentation Help

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If you need PowerPoint presentation help, stop hesitating—place an order and get a beautiful and informative presentation done for you.

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