How to Write a Good College Essay

How to Write an EssayNo task is more demanding for a senior in high school than writing an essay for a college entrance application. Whether it's a mundane question about an experience you had in life, or about some controversial political or social issue, students even tremble at the very thought of writing a college essay for entrance as well as being judged on it.

Tips for Writing a College Essay

We wondered what tips can be offered to ease your pain. Here are the best tips for writing a college essay.

  1. Be concise. Although writing a good college essay for an application has a suggested minimum of 250 words, without an upper limit, any admissions officer has a big stack to read every day; the officer wants to spend only a few minutes on each essay. In case you go over 700 words, you're straining their patience.
  2. Be honest. Do not embellish your titles, achievements, and offices. Not everybody has to be a star at everything. You'll feel better if you do not strain to inflate yourself. So when you're writing a good college essay, you should be as honest as possible.
  3. How to Write an EssayBe an individual. In writing an essay, ask yourself, "How can I distinguish myself from thousands of others who are applying to college?" It is in your interests. If you are going just from high school to college, you are simply a teenager, doing your teenage things.
  4. Be coherent. Of course you do not want to babble, write about just one topic at a time. Do not try to write about everything in your essay. Doing this can make you sound busy, however, at the same time, superficial and scattered. The whole application is a number of snapshots of what you do. It's inevitably incomplete.
  5. Be accurate. We do not mean simply use spell check. Attend to the other principles of good writing, consisting of conventional punctuation in the use of semi-colons, commas, etc. If you don't know how to write a good college essay without mistakes, just make yourself aware of how to do it beforehand.
  6. Be vivid. A good essay is usually compared to a story. Give some details to assist the reader in seeing the setting. Use the names for other people in the story, consisting of your teacher, brother, friends, etc. This makes it more human. It also demonstrates to their reader that you're thinking about their appreciation of your writing.
  7. Be likable. Colleges present themselves as communities, where people should get along with others, in classes, dorms, and so on. Are you a person they would like to communicate with, hang out with, or have in a discussion?
  8. Be cautious in the use of humor. You don't know how someone unknown to you is going to respond to your joke. Humor is usually in the eye of the beholder. Be funny if you think you have to.

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