Free Sample: Four Functions of Management Essay

Here, we will define the four functions of management. They are planning, organizing, leading and controlling, including an explanation of how every function relates to the author's organization. Directors and managers who have the authority and responsibility to make decisions for their organization describe the term—management. If you study business in college, obviously, you are asked to write a four functions of management essay. That's why we decided to help you.

Example of a College Essay in Business

Free Four Functions of Management EssayAll companies have a set of aims to achieve success in their organization. All future managers should possess the ability to write the four functions of management essay that allows a company to plan and handle different decisions.

With this type of management, there should be a form of control in all spheres of heading the company. Planning is the act of analyzing a situation as well as being able to state the needs of an organization. Organizing is the process of appropriately gathering the sources needed to finish a task and the ability to coordinate the tasks with employees. Writing this type of college essay may be really difficult for a student, as usually he or she doesn't know how to deal with a business and its management. That's why a student should find a good example of a college essay on management.

  • Leading is the ability to motivate employees as well as stimulate high success in an organization. Controlling is the process of watching the progress and also the work of an organization and then taking the necessary steps to correct issues within an organization.
  • Planning in an organization is relevant in a company’s success nowadays.
  • Management should consider the needs of the organization and staff while planning short- or long-term activities.

Free Four Functions of Management EssayEffective management is the main key to a company’s success. Without appropriate control, a company can fold up very fast. Almost all organizational failures and successes are measured by the effectiveness of the four functions of management.

Planning, organizing, leadership and control are important for the day-to-day operations of any type of business. Management should implement these four steps in a successful manner. Without organization, planning, leadership and control, management is just a word that people dread.

Planning is an important part of a retail manager’s position. Here, you must plan every day, every month and even every year. Planning includes job tasking as well as goal setting. A simple day begins with an agenda for every employee to follow. An agenda is created to carry out each day without obstructions or excuses.

Assigning tasks as well as calculating sales aims is extremely important, as it allows every employee to know exactly what's expected. Frequent changes happen throughout the retail world, and keeping up with such changes can be difficult without a proper plan, for example, new sales events should be set up and old sales events should be taken down.

Of course for students, all this may seem unknown and difficult. However, many of them are assigned to write a college essay on organization management. can write a sample college essay for you with your exact requirements and on the topic that you ask.

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