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Case Study Writing

Writing research papers can be either fun and educational, or horribly boring depending on a lot of different factors, and getting proper case study help if you are in a bind plays an important role in the whole process. How can you make your research assignments more fun, and what are the main peculiarities of a case study?

What Is a Case Study?

So, what is a case study and how is it different from other research methods? Actually, this method’s name is self-explanatory: you take a particular occurrence and investigate it deeply, rather than writing a sweeping statistical survey. A case study is a good opportunity to get realistic data and investigate a particular issue. However, it is often criticized for being too narrow and therefore not applicable to a field or a scientific question in general. In other words, a case study is aimed for finding solutions for a very particular situation. It is often used to solve business, management and other kinds of questions that demand practical decisions.


Same as other research methods, a case study takes time and a lot of preparation. Before you start writing, you need to do the following first:

  1. Thoroughly examine the case that you are given or that you have chosen. You may take notes to capture the essence of the situation.
  2. Identify around two to five key problems of this case. Why do they exist? How do they impact the situation described in the case?
  3. Brainstorm the ideas for solving the problem you have previously listed. You may use different methods, such as reviewing articles and research papers alongside setting up a discussion or doing some research.

Now that you’ve done all the necessary preparations, it’s time to start writing.

Writing a Case Study

A case study consists mainly of five parts: introduction, background information, alternatives, solution, and future recommendations.

In the introduction, you have to state the key problems which have been identified at the preparation stage. Also, you need to summarize them in a one or two sentence thesis.

The background information section serves to show that you have researched an issue you are going to write a case study about. Moreover, at this stage you also have to provide the most important facts and relevant background information, since your future readers or listeners usually aren’t as aware of the problem as you are.

The alternatives stage may seem quite weird at first, since you have to propose some alternative solution for the problem and show why it won’t work. But this is pretty logical: you are preparing the readers for your solutions, and you want them to think that your idea is the best one.

Obviously, at the forth stage you provide your own solution with supporting evidence. At the last stage, the recommendations, you have to propose some particular strategies for implementing your solution and encourage your listeners for future actions.

As you can see, there are a lot of details and specific information you need to include in your case study, which is quite hard to do from the first time, especially without proper explanation or examples. You can find case study examples at our blog. However, we remind you that these papers are posted to provide you with an example of how an academic case study should be written, and you cannot use them as your own. However, if you need help with writing this type of research, you can always place an order at our website, and our experienced writers will create a perfect case study for you.

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