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Writing a Scientific Report

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Did you think that essay writing was boring? Well, now you have a paper that can beat any essay, even a history or law essay, and these two are quite tough ones. We don’t want to scare you, but writing a scientific report can be deadly boring. This depends on how you organize the learning process, so the good news is it can be exciting or at least easy as well. Let’s investigate the issue in more detail.

Why Is Scientific Report Writing Important?
Yes, it is important, and not only because of your grades and GPA. It performs a couple of important functions. First of all, you need practice for your future scientific career. You may object and say that you have no intention of becoming a scientist. Then what you are doing at uni? Just kidding! Well, we are sure that the ability to write formal reports, whether scientific or not, will be useful in the future for you. More than that, in the process of writing scientific reports you deepen and structure the information gained during your research and experimentation. As a result, you shouldn’t view your report as an extra bit of work at the end of your project, but as an essential part of it and an opportunity to showcase your research and writing skills.

What Do You Need to Tell Your Audience?
Once, we hope, we have proven to you that scientific report writing is useful and important, we can figure out what exactly you are supposed to write in this paper. To make it simpler to remember, most educational guidelines offer a mnemonic trick: present all the findings you will be writing about in the IMRaD format.

“I” stands for the Introduction. Here you should explain why you have decided to investigate this problem and conduct the experiments. “M” is for Methods and Materials. Describe which kind of experiments you conducted and how you conducted them. If you have used any specific materials that are crucial to your paper, mention them. “R” is for Results – at this part, you describe the outcome of your tests. And finally, “D” is for Discussion, implying that you now have to express your opinion about the data gained. Follow this simple mnemonic, and you will always remember the crucial parts that need to be included in your report.scientific-report-writing-format

Scientific Report Writing Format
Luckily, the format of a scientific report is not much different from most papers you have been writing before. And even if you haven’t had much practice in creating abstracts and annotated bibliographies, we are sure you will be able to figure this out. Besides, this is not the most difficult part of writing a scientific report. We wish to remind you, however, to check the standards of your educational institution before submitting your paper. The structure of a typical report looks as follows.

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Methods and Materials
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • References
  • Acknowledgments (occasional)
  • Appendix

As you can see, only the body, which includes methods, results, and discussion is different from typical research paper structure. You can find more elaborate explanations of these parts at our blog, but we highly recommend you to get a sample report paper at your department to make sure you will follow the right directions from the beginning. Moreover, it will be easier to keep the formatting correct without double-checking the lengthy list of rules.

Where to Look for Help?
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