What Is an Assessment Test and How to Pass It?

You have just won the hard battle to enter the college of your dreams. Now you are preparing to choose courses, compose your curriculum and head towards the dream job. Once you have passed the entrance exam, however, it turns out that you have even more tests to pass. They are called assessment or placement tests. Let’s figure out what is an assessment test, and what you need to pass it.

What Is an Assessment Test for College?
An assessment test is a separate examination held by your educational institution to evaluate your abilities on certain subjects, such as math and the English language. Note that this test is not an entrance exam! It is held to find out your level on the course you are applying for, and determine the course or group you will be studying at.

Assessment tests can be held on other subjects, such as foreign languages, particularly math courses, such as a calculus test, and other specific disciplines where you need to show your level. This is mainly done to find out your abilities and put you in a corresponding learning group, so don’t panic that you won’t pass it. If your score is below the acceptance level, the worst thing that can happen is that you won’t be allowed to take an advanced course.

Useful Life Hacks for Passing Your Assessment Test
You’ve just got admitted to your dream college, and there are so many things you stress about: how to manage your finances, what courses to take, how to deal with the new (and much bigger) workload. As if college didn’t pose enough challenge already, you have an assessment test. But don’t worry, we will help you to deal with it. Here are some useful pieces of advice on passing the test successfully:

1) Don’t worry about the mark.
Indeed, showing good skills is important, but do you remember what is a college assessment test? It is not an entrance exam, and its main aim is to identify your knowledge level. The results of your assessment test will only influence the course you will be assigned to in the first semester. Think of this test as of your personal helper – it will assist you in determining the courses you can take in the first semester.

2) Don’t try to cheat.
Even if you succeed at this, cheating at an assessment test won’t be effective or useful for you. You already know that the mark on the test is not that important, so don’t worry that the test will ruin your educational path from the very beginning. On the contrary, a less than amazing result on this test can help you improve your knowledge on a certain subject. Your teacher will find out that you have difficulties with, let’s say, primary level calculus, and assign you to a corresponding course. Even if you fail terribly (and you have to try really hard to do so), you will be assigned to a remedial course to prepare for the test and take it later.

3) Hire a personal tutor.
This may sound a little bit late since you have already passed the entrance exams, but hiring a tutor to help you prepare for the assessment test is a great idea. Studying in a calm and comfortable environment with a personal tutor to help you with any difficulties will both help you believe in your abilities and boost your knowledge on the subjects you will be tested in.

How Can Tutoring Help Me Pass an Assessment Test?

1) A tutor will help you identify your strong and weak points.
Unlike school class, where everyone is doing the same thing regardless of their abilities, learning with a tutor will help you highlight your strong points and eliminate weaknesses. It’s like applying makeup, but in science: a personal tutor helps you cover up the blemishes, and highlight your eyes and lips, so your academic image looks awesome. 🙂

2) Focusing on a certain subject will boost your effectiveness.
Do you remember what is the assessment test? It is a very specific questionnaire created to measure your abilities on a certain discipline, and very often even on a particular field of a discipline, for example: advanced algebra, exponents and basic calculus. You had to learn many subjects at school before tests, but now you can focus on the most important ones you need for your assessment test.

3) You will feel more confident and calm before the test.
You will never know what an assessment test is until you try it on your own, but knowing that you have worked hard to prepare will help you feel confident and relaxed. And you probably know that feeling well and confident helps you concentrate better and solve even the most difficult problems with ease. Also, you are not likely to doubt your choices, because you will be confident in your answers. It’s a well-known fact that most of the time, the first answer you give is the correct one if you have prepared for the test, of course. But when you start doubting the answer, you may change it for the wrong one.

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