Three Ways to Make Research Report Writing Less Boring

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January 10, 2017

We bet that you were yawning as soon as you have heard about your new assignment due next week – writing a research report. As if writing a research paper was too little for your professor! But don’t worry, we know how to make writing your new assignment at least tolerable. And you need to know that you can always count on professional help from our awesome and experienced writers.

Ways to Make Report Writing Fun
1) Start writing the research report shortly after or during the research.
Let’s say it’s not a report, it’s a journal of your investigation. Like the journal of a space crew that went exploring a new civilization. Though describing every single step may seem a little bit boring at first, do you imagine how important details can be when it comes to learning about other civilizations? The same thing is true for your report. It may be read by a person who is not educated in your field, and mentioning tiny details is important in case your readers decide to replicate the experiment from your paper or the whole research.

2) Follow precisely the research report writing format accepted at your educational institution.
Now you are probably asking: “At what precise point is following instructions fun?” Well, maybe not so interesting, but it will definitely be easier than writing an essay where all the instructions look like “make it awesome, please.” The good thing about writing a research report is that its highly formalized structure lets you literally print out the template of the paper and fill in the gaps. This may not be so fascinating, but at least it’s not as mentally grueling as writing an essay without direct instructions. Just follow the guidelines and you will finish with a decent report an hour and a half later.

3) Find a partner for research report writing.
There’s nothing as motivating as seeing another person, preferably your close friend, suffering from the same problem you are suffering from. Okay, this is a joke, but obviously working together with a friend has a lot of benefits. First of all, two of you will form something like a collective brain. Your knowledge will complement the knowledge of your friend on writing research reports, and therefore you will form an effective duo. Moreover, if you are a competitive “type A” personality, you will do everything to finish the report earlier than your friend. Maybe this is not a constructive way of motivation, but at least it works, right?

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