Environmental Issues Essay


Although most people have knowledge of the meaning of sustainability and its role in human life, sustainability still remains a problem. For example, when the advancement of society and achieving sustainable future is regarded as insufficient, it becomes so easy for people to blame the administration or the government. But what can we as people do if we are given the tasks of government or corporations to have a sustainable lifestyle? Sustainability, therefore, supposes that people literally should not “cross the line”. This problem becomes especially important in conditions of growing population of Earth (1. How Many People Can Live on Planet Earth?, 58:00) and human activity that threatens biodiversity (Is There a Crisis? Biodiversity in Decline, 50:00).

There are many approaches towards getting to understand the applied attention of sustainability in our current lifestyles. An important aspect of sustainability is the necessity to apply these new solutions in order to overcome poverty (Life and Debt documentary, 86:07). Moreover, there are many problems with human development that also must be resolved (Human Development Video, 9:40). This essay will be focused on energy use, which includes energy spent on transportation.

There are many different ways to minimize consumption of energy and help the environment: avoiding the use of energy, using the energy more efficiently and recycling used resources. Similar solutions can be offered for people that use transport. Such recommendations include avoiding unnecessary traveling, using the most efficient types of transport and lastly using environmentally friendly transport that are powered by biofuel, hydrogen and other renewable sources. Other options include using bicycle, preferably on a daily basis. Recycling also helps to reduce consumption of energy because it allows to avoid additional use of energy for extracting and processing…

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