Suggestions for Writing Your Research Paper

If you have decided not to use a free online writing tutor and to write your paper independently, be ready for some hard work. A quality research paper will take an enormous amount of energy and time to accomplish correctly. Once you are assigned to write a research paper, be ready to do research. Before you start writing, ask yourself “When is my paper due?” Then you will have to determine due date for the research paper draft and the final version of the work based on that deadline.

The next step will be defining your assignment. Carefully read the task, make the list of important points that should be covered.

Brainstorm – Choose Your Theme

Composing a research paper requires that you follow systematic steps. The logical steps will be: choosing the appropriate theme, brainstorming, stating the thesis statement, writing the outline, analyzing and organizing your information, writing the paper, revising and editing.

Think about what themes meet the criteria of your assignment and what is of interest to you. You should focus on a limited aspect, for example if you choose “Religion” you may narrow it to “World Religion” or to “Buddhism”.

Once the theme is determined start brainstorming. For general information you may look on the Internet, analyze articles, catalogs, almanacs, atlases, dictionaries, encyclopedias, reports, newspapers, and periodicals; do not forget to visit your local library. Find only reliable and trustworthy material.

Stating the Thesis Statement

Do some critical thinking and start to compose your introduction and include here your thesis statement. This should be as interesting as possible to enable you to gain the attention of the reader. Determine “What is the main reason I am writing this research paper?” Moreover, you will have to state how you will approach your theme and explain briefly the main issues that you will cover in the work.
In the main part you will present the arguments that support your thesis statement. Start with the strong argument, and then develop it and sum up your paper with the strongest argument in order to make an impact on your reader.

Your conclusion should restate your thesis statement. All arguments should be summarized and explain to the reader how you have come to such a conclusion.
The next step in writing a successful research paper will be proofreading. You may use a free online writing tutor or give your paper to the person that has appropriate academic writing experience.

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