Sociology Paper on the Technology

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September 18, 2015

How The Technology Improved Or Worsened Humanity?


Technology started as a basic need for improving existence and for self-defense. It aims at making things easier to do, improving quality and eventually reaching perfection. However, human wants, as they are, are never satiated and technology evolved to satisfy the ever-growing clamor to make life easier, at the cost of making humanity lazier, isolated, withdrawn (Olson, 2011; Morgan, 2011).

Over the last fifty years specifically, the strides made by technology has added newer, real life-like virtual social space that does not make us miss face-to-face encounters. It has succeeded in making us feel very close near and dear ones who are presently on a different continent.

That technology has improved our lives needs no proof. One only needs to imagine a complete blackout (of electrical power), breakdown of internet services and waking up to find the cell phone lost for a day. The gadgets that we take for granted can also attend to the menial, boring, repetitive house chores.

We need not get lost anymore. We need not memorize spellings or do calculations in our head. There is no more need to long for things that are available only in far off places. Moreover, your local vendor cannot cheat you. All one needs to do is – Google it!

Yes, it has helped form many recent political upheavals. It has helped garner support for populace at large.  We should glorify and support technology towards such causes. Human beings in need of a revolution have found it convenient to use phones and internet to address issues and collect data and garner support or rather bring people on the same platform easily Governments have benefited in taking better decisions by knowing the pulse and moods of the people via online campaigns.  In areas like education and training technology has helped in many ways. However, we can and, should do more to alleviate societal issues.

Health and medical sciences have benefitted the world greatly by way of knowledge dissemination, open discussion and exchange of ideas across different parts of the globe. Prevention and cure has become easier and more accessible because of technology.

However, the cost of technology prevents it from reaching most of those in most need of the same. Many of the useful utilities are costly and most of the needy cannot afford it easily.

The most frequently stated argument in defense of innovations is that it should make business sense. Socially driven models rarely make economic sense. The ones, who can afford, do not need them, whereas those in need cannot afford them. We need to address this situation and help technological progress and keep it vibrant.

Sitting in front of the computer, tablets, television sets for extended periods has become the norm. This does rewire the brain and alters the natural course of thought and feelings, something that we can do without. Human beings have the inherent capacity to relate to feelings of fellow beings that differentiates our race from animals. We cannot afford to forget that, this is the major reason why we could develop tools and technology.

The very power of reasoning that made us create these magical technological gadgets are hampering our power of logic and improvements and core competencies are surely taking a back seat (Thomas, 2013). We are using gadgets to teach in the classrooms from a very early age. This inhibits their originality and students rarely use their own natural acumen.

Life has definitely become easier owing to technology, so much, so that it has made us heavily dependent. Dependency has shifted- from humans to technology (Rotman, 2013).Whether that in itself is a boon or bane can however be a matter of debate.  One very unpleasant situation is that we are unwittingly helping the escapist who finds a safe haven in texting and mailing. That is alarming. Are we abetting creation of a weaker human being?

Wish we took a concerted effort to use technology better. We should aim at unleashing the power of technology to dissolve all boundaries that differentiate one man from another, and solve the many problems that we face.


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