Schizophrenia Essay

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May 8, 2016


Schizophrenia is one of the most mysterious and frightening of all mental diseases. Effective treatments are available, yet patients and their families often find it hard to access good care. In this essay, we describe the causes, symptoms of schizophrenia and summarise the treatments that are available (Picchioni MM, Murray RM July 2007). Schizophrenia means literally “split mind”. It is a kind of some mental disorder of abnormal social behavior and disability to recognize what is real. Common symptoms include illusions, refuse in basic brain functioning, auditory hallucinations, social isolation, memory abilities and basic motor skills falter (KQED Science, November 2014).

A lot of protein communicated by the NOS1AP quality gene, which has been connected with schizophrenia, causes variations from the norm in mind structure and broken associations between nerve cells that keep them from importing legitimately according to current research results (Science Daily. Rutgers University, 2014).  Here, we focus on the key developments in biology, epidemiology, and pharmacology of schizophrenia and provide a syndrome framework in which these aspects can be understood together. Schizophrenia is the illness in which the flow of consciousness enlarges into a tsunami (KQED Science, November 2014).

Symptoms typically emerge in adolescence and early adulthood (Van Os J, Kapur S Prof Shitij Kapur, PhD August 2009). Around 1 percent of the overall public experiences schizophrenia, the danger increments to about 10 percent in the main degree relatives of a single person with the illness. The prefrontal cortex, the same piece of the cerebrum that is connected with schizophrenia, develops through adulthood. Researcher Professor Bonnie Firestein says it is conceivable that medication treatment helps could be created to focus on the ailment in young people when schizophrenia is thought to create along with manifestations show up (Carrel D., Hernandez K., etc. NOS1AP, Biological Psychiatry, 2014).

The diagnosis of schizophrenia is associated with demonstrable alterations in brain structure and changes in dopamine neurotransmission, the latter being directly related to hallucinations and delusions (Van Os J, Kapur S Prof Shitij Kapur, PhD August 2009). The mainstay of treatment is neuroleptics medication, which primarily suppresses dopamine receptor activity (Becker T, Kilian R 2006).

Medicines, particularly pharmacological medications, have been in wide use for centuries, yet there is little confirmation that these medications have significantly enhanced conclusions for many people with schizophrenia. These current inadmissible results may change as we approach schizophrenia as a neurodevelopmental issue with psychosis as a late, conceivably preventable phase of the ailment (Insel, Thomas R.2010).

This “reexamining” of schizophrenia as a neurodevelopmental issue, which is significantly not the same as the way we have seen this ailment for as far back as a century, yields new trust for aversion and cure through the following two decades. Pharmacological treatments, which block the dopamine system, are effective for delusions and hallucinations but less so for disabling cognitive and motivational impairments (Insel, Thomas R.2010).

100 years after being so named, research is beginning to understand the biological mechanisms underlying the symptoms of schizophrenia and the psychosocial factors that moderate their expression. Specific vocational and psychological interventions, in combination with antipsychotic medication in a context of community-case management, can improve functional outcome but are not widely available (Van Os J, Kapur S August 2009).

Counseling, job training and social rehabilitation are also important in treatment (Becker T, Kilian R 2006). Despite the fact that a new and better schizophrenia treatment alternatives permit numerous individuals to come back to more dynamic lives, many individuals living with schizophrenia may need help over the long haul with their fundamental needs, for example, cash, lodging, sustenance and dress. Mental well-being recuperation is not a straight process. Setbacks and backslides can happen in the schizophrenia treatment transform, so advancement ought to be assessed on each one level separately (Schizophrenia Society of Canada, 2011).

A comprehensive perspective of health does not end with taking medicine routinely. It is about taking drugs to encourage get closer to other life objectives (Schizophrenia Society of Canada, 2011). Although current treatments provide control rather than cure, long-term hospitalisation is not required and prognosis is better than traditionally assumed (Van Os J, Kapur S August 2009).

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