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June 2, 2011

If a student wants to achieve excellence in what he or she does, there is more then just knowledge and diligence that would be required. Academic writing, especially such advanced types of it as analytical and research papers, dissertations and theses, requires ability to critically analyze a subject or area of study. Thoroughly research the matter and provide logical argumentation to support your point of view. There is no doubt that all of the above skills and abilities come with practice, but where does one start if he or she has no previous experience in writing a research paper?

Your first attempt does not necessarily have to be a failure: you can learn from the experience and knowledge of others, who are professionals in academic writing. Our experts are willing to share their skills, knowledge and experience with you, so that you can learn from their examples and soon become successful in your own writing. We suggest that you first acquaint yourself with an extract from a research paper on copyright law which is a sample of one of our writers’ works. You will then have a much clearer idea of how a good research paper should look like and where to start with writing your own piece.

If you have been specifically assigned to write a research paper on copyright law, you will find the following extract to be even more useful since it introduces a very up-to-date question of Whether Internet Rebroadcasts of Television Programs Violate Copyright Laws. After reading this extract you will have to critically evaluate and objectively assess your own skills, knowledge and time constraints in order to decide: will you be able to successfully write your research paper on copyright law or any other subject on your own, or you need professional assistance. If the second option seems a wiser choice to you, consider placing an order with our essay writing company and getting qualified assistance first-hand.

Below, you will find an abstract from a research paper example on copyright law. In this research paper on copyright laws, the author discusses various controversies concerning Internet rebroadcasts of TV programs violate copyright laws. Some general arguments (both pros and cons) are being outlinde and later critically evaluated in this research paper example. We hope this will serve as a good example to start on your own writing.

Whether Internet Rebroadcasts Of Television Programs Violate Copyright Laws

Over the past few years, there have been several controversial moves over whether internet rebroadcasts of television programs violate copyright laws or not. This has specifically been so due to the immense inventions in the information system technology, accompanied by the streaming of TV shows on the Internet.Though this has facilitated easier viewing of the TV shows and other programs at a lower cost and by the broader audience, the producers are incurring a lot of losses and this is basically what sparks up considerable debates in the industry over the issue of the violation of the copyright laws (Jones 464).This paper will discuss the controversy over the illegal streaming or download rebroadcasts of television shows and programs. This controversy is sparked up because TV shows that are being rebroadcasted tamper with the intellectual property of the original copyright owner who has created them and holds all the rights for their reproduction.Critics are, however, aware of the fact that most people will prefer to view a TV show over the Internet since it is cheaper (or even absolutely free) than to offer subscriptions and watch the programs through the legal venue. Furthermore, when streaming a video online you are no longer frustrated by endless interruptions due to commercials and TV channel’s promotional previews.

The consequence of Internet re-broadcasting is the reduction of the profit margins to the advertisers and creators of the programs. This has an implication that the TV shows will not receive enough money to guarantee profit maximization.

To address this controversial issue of rebroadcasting and spreading of the TV shows on the internet without consent of the producers, this paper will analyze the presentation of the controversial statements with regard and comparison from the scholarly literature and the popular press material that also have the same sentiments over the issue of controversy as far as TV shows and Internet rebroadcasting is concerned (Byers et al 641). This controversial issue will be clearly analyzed and discussed to show how this debate is viewed as pointed out in the selected literature materials.

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