Analysis Paper on Political Science

Analysis Paper on Political Science

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Introduction is the official website for the Democratic Party. It serves as a mean of educating and informing the public on various issues happening within the political scene and the perspective of the Democratic Party regarding the issues. The logging into the Democratic Party website is an easy exercise. The user inputs their email address and password and on authentication, the user access the website. Alternatively, the user can log in with their Facebook account. If a user lacks an account with the website, they can easily sign-up by inputting some of their credentials. The website has the donate feature. However, the feature does not interfere with a user trying to use the website in any way. The donate feature is located on the homepage and unlike other websites; it does not attract the user too much towards it.

A. Democrats

The goal of the website is connecting the Party with the party supporters through the internet. The website targets the web savvy users. With the surge in use of internet services, the website could reach a magnitude of people across all age demographics. The website features tailor-made material for women, youth and the male population across all races. Currently, the website has articles regarding the recent Shutdown, Obamacare and the debt ceiling. It has links to recent videos by President Obama and a tweet stream from democrat leaders and affiliate parties. The website provides information on the policies of the party, the stand of the party on various issues.

On jobs and the economy, the website uses logos to appeal to users of the site. They criticize the recent shutdown and blame it on their main rivals the Republicans. Indeed, the republicans were responsible for the shutdown. In persuasion, the website uses articles to explain how the shutdown affected the economy.

The site did not convince me enough on issues. It worked too much in defending the policies of the Democratic Party and forgot its role of informing the masses. The site may use the defense of the president being a democratic and therefore they must support his agenda.

B. Republicans is the official site of the Republican Party. The site is used to inform Republicans of the stand of the party on various issues. The logging in process onto the site is easy and the user inputs their email address and zip code and after authentication, they log in. Users have the option of logging in using different social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The site has a donate feature on the homepage that requests the users to donate with a range of contribution offered.

The site offers supporters of the Republican Party to engage with their party and contribute to various issues affecting the United States. The site also offers the stand of the Republican Party on various issues. The audience of the party cuts across all demographics from age to gender. With the surge in internet usage, anyone could visit the website for news and information about the Republican Party.

The website has very relevant information in form of videos, news stories, trending topics and blog posts explain the stance of the party on various issues. The homepage features a video detailing the pros and cons of Obama care. The video delivers a variety of viewpoints explaining why healthcare reforms known as Obamacare need scrutiny before implementation…

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