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What are the steps of the Control Process?


The control process is a method that most education institutions use to evaluate the progress of most activities. It analyzes the main learning activities within an institution and their relevance in regards to helping students. This procedure often involves a higher authority within the schools where there can be an evaluation of both the students and instructors. The control process identifies any deficiencies in the curriculum to allow useful additions that will ease the learning process.


The aim of this research paper is to reveal the steps of the control process. The control process is an essential part of an educational institution’s progress as it verifies the main learning objectives. There is an analysis of the manner in which instructors approach educational policies and the response of the students in terms of gaining knowledge. In addition, this analysis allows the institution’s senior management to regulate the education content for effectiveness in achieving the main learning outcomes. The information from a control process allows various stakeholders to assess the progress of the students and the future of the learning institution (Strong, DeVault & Cohen 2011, p. 49).

Elements of the Control Process


There are a number of principles that guide the control process in an institution in order to generate the desirable results. One of the most crucial elements is the ability to exercise objectivity over judgment in order to get the true situation within the learning faculty. Despite the fact that there is no regular method of conducting a control procedure, it is appropriate for the relevant authorities to practice objectivity. Judging the results of the procedure without getting into the details of the learning outcomes is likely to produce different results from the truth (Reynolds 2004, p. 16).

One must also note that the grading process applies as a learning tool for both the instructors and students. The grading system allows instructors to analyze the progress of their education policies to achieve the required standards of the learning objectives. The grading system provides an analysis of students performing well in their studies and those who will require additional assistance. The grading process assists students to understand their shortcomings in order to make appropriate improvements. As a result of the control process, they are able to set boundaries on the work they should do in order to achieve success (Gilbert 2008, p. 36).

The Steps

The success of the control process must begin with the fundamental step of collaboration between the students and instructors. There is the need to ensure an excellent working relationship between both parties in order to guarantee the transmission of knowledge. Therefore, when students collaborate with instructors, it becomes easy to collect pertinent information for use in making decisions.


The strength of this article highlights the importance of collaboration during the control process. Collaboration will assist students to reveal any drawbacks in their quest for education and allows instructors to step in with appropriate strategies…

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