Business Essay: Consumer Reviews Study


Customer Reviews: The Benefits and Importance

There are many benefits of customer reviews that encompass the organization, the customer, and the product. Multiple reviews left by the customer for a product allow other customers the ability to gain knowledge about the product. This may not be readily available by the organization such as the “true” degree of difficulty to put the item together, the quality of craftsmanship, and level of satisfaction working with customer service or technical support. The organization may gain insight to problems with a product in order to make it better and improve customer relations. Another beneficial element of good reviews can come from sales generated that ultimately promote a product to a high level of desirability. It is prudent for the organization to encourage the customers to leave reviews for their own benefit as well as the organization’s benefit.

With the skepticism of the consumer in today’s society, it is essential for organizations to acquire legitimate reviews (Karakaya & Barnes, 2010). According to Anderson and Simester (2014), allows reviews to be marked as “Amazon Verified Purchase” (p. 250) to enhance the reliability of the review of a certain product.

The decision-making of the consumer as well as the organization must be taken into consideration as well.  Reviews can determine the life of the product. For example, if the product continually receives reviews that are below par, the product may be eliminated from the organization’s production line. One reason being the poor sales and secondly, inability of the organization’s Research and Development team to expand to make the product into a high quality, customer desired item.

Overall, the organization must develop a credible review site to ensure the customer’s trust is attained. This will ensure the many benefits discussed above will be had by all. Customer reviews truly can make or break a company and product. Also, these reviews are important for the company and they must be vigilant in reviewing the customer reviews for enhancements that must be made with the product and customer service to ensure consumer loyalty to the organization.


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