Animal Farm Review

Why does Napoleon think that Boxer was a menace for him in Animal farm by George Orwell?

The Merriam – Webster dictionary defines a menace as a dangerous or possibly harmful person or thing. In the writing piece “Animal Farm”, Boxer could be looked at as a menace because of his inability to be productive while working on his job. In the beginning of the story, Boxer was determined to work diligently and effortlessly.

“Once his hoof heals, Boxer works as hard as he can at building the windmill — until the day he collapses because of a lung ailment” (1). According to the text, boxer wanted to do a great job at his work, so great of a job that he was unconcerned with how his hard and non-stop labor could affect his health. It is easy to assume that Boxer thought that his leader would be proud of him, even if he did injure his lungs done in the name of advancing the productivity of the farm.

Secondly, within the story, it looks as if Napoleon is the true menace. He is insecure and enjoys being the best at everything. If any animal gets in his way then he will finish them off. “Napoleon still thinks a little bit about the good of the other animals, but as the story and thus his dictatorship continues he is carried away with it.

He gets more menace and cruel, and if someone stands in his way he executes that animal”, (2). The only reason I can think of Boxer getting in Napoleon’s way is because of his great work ethic, which can make him look better than Napolean or his bad health, which could make Napolean look like a cruel and terrible leader to outsiders.


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