Analytical Essay Sample: The Most Phenomenal Moment in Olympics History


The history of the Olympic Games, unfortunately, is full of unforgettable and impressive incidents and moments, without which it is possible to be dispensed, and which at one time questioned the rationality of the existence of the Olympics. No one Olympics can manage without some incidents and we just have to accept them.

One of the most curious moment occurred at the beginning of the Olympic Movement, at the Games of 1904, which took place in the United States. Marathon was considered the most prestigious discipline at the first Olympic Games (though it now remains one of the most popular events at the Games). Of course, a marathon was riveted attention. The first who crossed the finish line was American Fred Lortz.

However, as it turned out a little bit later, quickness had its reasons. After the first third of the distance from the start, Lortz’s leg was cramped and he literally stood on the road. And then one of his fans offered his assistance, following the athlete on the car. He “threw” Lortz almost to the finish line. Unfortunately for Lortz, an official observer became a witness of “hitchhiking”, who spoke about the fraud. Lortz was stripped of his medals, which eventually went to another American, Thomas Hicks.

Therefore, it is hard to imagine any Olympic Games without the conflicts, misunderstandings, criticism of the winners and their environment. Such incidents and moment became a part of Olympics. However, sometimes the scandals were so fundamental that the memory of them is preserved to this day. And the incident with American Fred Lortz was one of such.


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