5 Crucial Rules to Complete a Literature Dissertation

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April 13, 2017


When you are engaged with literature and study it in your educational affiliation, sooner or later you will have a desire (or necessity) to complete a literature dissertation. Many students start panicking when hear the word “dissertation.” It seems to them that this type of work is extremely difficult and they won’t be able to cope with it. However, the reality is that studying itself is not simple and writing this work is just a part of this challenging process. Today, we are going to share our experience of completing a literature based dissertation. Move to the next section to find out the main rules you need to follow to succeed.

5 Essentials for Completing a Dissertation in Literature

  1. Believe in yourself. If you are interested in the topic of this article, this means that you have been studying for a long period of time. You have already coped with numerous tasks and you gained a lot of experience in doing it. You learned how to write different types of assignments step by step, starting from one-page essays and finishing with twenty-page coursework. The dissertation is the logical sequel of your educational pathway. Therefore, try to be confident in your success and you will definitely reach it!
  2. Know your ally. Typically, you have the ability to choose a supervisor among teachers that agree to be supervisors. You’ll receive the list of supervisors at the beginning of the university year. Keep in touch with students that have already cooperated with those teachers that are in the list. You will then have the ability to ask them about their experience with their supervisors, such as what their strong and weak sides are. Selecting an appropriate mentor is crucial for completing a literature dissertation.
  3. Never go beyond the limit. We emphasize the word “never.” People who specify word limit have completed such works, maybe even more than once. Therefore, they know how to organize information so that it takes a specific amount of words. The committee that is going to judge your paper will appreciate your skill to approach information laconically. You should exclude all the redundant information from your work and leave only the most important.
  4. Don’t try to fool someone. A lot of students use only 3-4 sources in their work, but they specify up to 15 sources. If your educational affiliation demands the usage of 15 sources, you should use them. If you don’t know what to take from the source, at least look it through so that you know what it is about, because you can be asked about it. Therefore, use the amount of sources in your literature based dissertation that is specified.
  5. Cut corners. If you would like to complete your assignment quickly, you should choose the topic that is somehow familiar for you. It can be a similar topic to the topic of the essay that you have completed before. That way, you will know several reliable sources and you will probably have some ideas on the topic. Also, you should take into consideration that the topic should be from the area of your supervisor’s expertise so that he or she will be able to cooperate with you effectively.

These are the main maxims that you should follow when completing your dissertation. However, writing this paper is not all you need to get a degree. You will also need to defend your work, and part of your “defending campaign” is completing a dissertation literature review. Learn how to cope with it in the next section.

Dissertation Literature Review: How to Deal With It?

As you have completed a lot of other tasks while studying, including different kinds of reviews, we won’t stop at explaining what a review is. However, you are likely to complete your dissertation for the first time. Therefore, writing a literature review is also something new for you. Now, we are going to provide you with information on how to cope with this type of writing.

What should you include in literature review?

  • A short presentation of your topic. You should explain why your topic is important and who investigated it. Tell the names of scientists and scholar organizations.
  • An overview of basic sources. When you are writing a dissertation, you can use many sources, but only some of them are the main. The main sources are sources that are very important for your work: the majority information you take from them. Reveal only the most necessary sources in your literature review. A d0issertation needs a lot of sources but you don’t have enough time and room to evaluate all of them. After a short presentation of the topic, you provide the reader with information on which sources you used for your paper and what they are about. At this step, you should mention only the main themes that sources reveal.
  • An evaluation of sources by categories. In this section you should divide all your sources into categories. While writing an academic paper, you should reveal controversial points of view. Thus you can divide sources according to the point of view they represent. You should evaluate the reliability of sources and arguments that are given in each of them.
  • Quotations from sources. You need to support your claims with quotes from sources.
  • Conclusions. In the end, you need to make a conclusion about which sources are the most reliable and reveal the most accurate and up-to-date information. Also, you should mention the role each source plays in your work.

You should do your best to complete a good literature review. Dissertation writing is time-consuming; therefore, make sure that you will have enough time also for completing a literature review.

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