General Advice on Academic Writing

Academic writing What is academic writing? It's not a kind of everyday activity - it's a process that needs some skills and knowledge in its particular sphere. The Academic writing style requires a specific format and you should adhere to following instructions to have success in this difficult task.

Key Points to Good Academic Writing

  1. Miscellaneous observations on your topic aren't enough to prepare an accomplished academic paper. Academic writing must have an argument. It has to answer a specific question or several related questions. It must try to prove something and develop a single "thesis," a small set of related points by evidence and reasoning, especially giving apt examples as well as confirming citations from the particular text or resources which your argument involves. Gathering this evidence usually entails rereading of the text or resources with some question in mind.
  2. When an assigned theme doesn't provide you with a thesis, the first effort must be to formulate exactly the questions you will search to answer in your academic writing. Next, create by thinking, rereading, and jotting down a thesis or hypothesis. Do not become prematurely committed to the first answer. Pursue it, but test it and also be ready to qualify it as the work progresses.
  3. There are a lot of ways in which a particular argument can be well presented, however an academic writing style must be designed to show the argument clearly and persuasively.
  • Writers begin writing early, before they think they're "ready" to write, as they use writing not just to transcribe what they've already discovered but as a kind of exploration and discovery.
  • They do not try to write an essay from the very beginning to the end, but rather write exactly what seems readiest to be written, although they may be not sure whether or how it'll fit in.
  • Despite writing freely, writers keep the overall purpose and organization of the essay in mind. Something as an "outline" consciously and constantly evolves, though it may not take any written form beyond scattered reminders to oneself.
  • Writers revise extensively. Rather than creating a single draft, then editing its sentences one by one, they write the whole essay and after that they draft and redraft, adding and deleting different sections to look at what they discover in the course of the whole composition. This revision usually involves putting the paper aside for some days, allowing the brain to work indirectly or subconsciously and making it possible to look at the work-in-progress more objectively.
  • Once writers have a fairly completed and well-organized draft, they begin to revise sentences, with full attention to transitions. This checking is done in order to be sure that a possible reader can follow the sequences of your ideas within your sentences. Two other significant considerations in revising all sentences are diction and economy. Lastly, writers proofread the final version of the paper.

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