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The price for each assignment is based on several factors:

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Please note that all prices are given for one double-spaced page, so you have to multiply the specified amount by the number of pages you need for your paper.
The prices given are in USD, but you can select a different currency during the checkout process. If you have a discount coupon code, type it in the appropriate field when filling out the order form.
The prices given do NOT include any tax. Our EU customers are charged an additional 20% of the order price for Value Added Tax during checkout.
Please note that the prices given in the tables above do NOT include fees for gathering any primary data using data collection methods such as conducting interviews, organizing focus groups, performing observations, and so forth. Due to geographical reasons and time or resource expenses, our writers are NOT responsible for conducting any primary research if case your paper requires it. However, our writers will be glad to assist you in developing the questionnaires and analyzing the results of the data you collect.

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About the Pricing Policy

Our pricing policy is very flexible and we do everything possible to approach each order individually. To this end, we have created a set of different types of services to meet every customer's needs. While some customers are stuck in the beginning of their writing and do not know where to start the data research, others have completed a rough draft and are simply not confident that it is well-balanced, properly structured and grammatically correct.

To make sure that the order you submit reflects all the necessary specifications for your paper, we have created a simple yet concise structure for the order form that all customers must fill in, as the first step of our cooperation. The price for your order will correspond with the academic level, type of service, number of pages, and the urgency of your academic writing. These specific criteria allow our customers to plan their own budget and receive the service they need at an affordable outlay.

At we endeavour to make sure that the final product our customers receive meets all their expectations. However, you have to admit that half the battle depends on each customer and their ability to clearly articulate all the specific requirements for the paper. We strongly encourage our customers to make their orders as detailed and precise as they possibly can, so that our writers know exactly what they are expected to do in each case. Our goal is to meet every customer's individual expectations, and we do everything to ensure effective communication with the customer at every stage of the order's progress. Mutual cooperation between the customer, the writer and the support team forms the basis for a successful result.


How Can I apply for a Discount?

We are always glad to see clients return to use our services once again. Therefore, we have developed a system of life-time discounts to make your experience with us even more pleasant.

If you are a returned customer, a lifetime discount code will be given to you based on your history with Among the cases when the customer is eligible for a lifetime discount are the following:

  • 5% lifetime for more than $500;
  • 10% lifetime for more than $1000;
  • 15% lifetime for more than $2000.

The total cost of your previous orders ($500, $1000 or $2000) should include only payments for those projects which have already been completed and approved.

If you want to get a discount for a particular order with the total price over $500, you can contact our support team and they will provide you with a one-time discount code accordingly. Please note that you will be able to use only one discount code per one single order.

For more information about our Discount Policy, please visit the "Discounts" section of your personal order page.

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