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How to Make a Presentation

How to Make a Presentation Glossophobia is the fear of public speaking that affects three in every four people. This statistic is surprising and alarming, because most careers require some public speaking ability. We'll show you how to do a presentation so you will not have to be afraid.

Planning a Presentation

Write your main ideas on index cards. Do not write details, and of course you shouldn’t be staring at the note cards during your speech. Put in some interesting facts, interactive questions on the cards to share with your classmates.

  • Write down keywords or general ideas. In case you need to consult the index cards, you are just going to scan the index card for info - not read each last word.
  • Most of the time, putting information down on index cards will help you memorize information. So, when you may not strictly need your note cards, it is a good security blanket to have in case you forget what you wanted to say.

In many presentations, it's obvious who has their speeches and who hasn't. Work on what you are going to say and how you are going to say it. You will feel more confident if you practice your presentation at least three times. Through this practice, you will eliminate cautious language like “um” and “like.”

  • Practice in front of your friends, family, or just in front of the mirror, rehearsing your presentation. It is probably better to do it in front of people who may not know you well, because it will help you replicate the fear of being in front of your class.
  • Ask friends for feedback after your presentation. Was your powerpoint presentation long enough? How was your eye contact? Were your points clearly made?
  • Make a critique of your practice performance. Challenge yourself to work on everything that you can improve while making the real presentation. When you need to deliver the real deal, you will feel confident knowing that you have worked very hard on what was the most difficult for you.

Delivering a Presentation

How to Make a Presentation Smile at the audience. Audiences get drawn into a presentation if the presenter is smiling. Be happy as you are about to teach your whole class something that they did not know before. If you smile, it is difficult for the audience not to smile back. So if you want the presentation to go off without a hitch, just force yourself to smile.

Feel confident about the presentation. When you show the class a presentation be confident, your instructor is having you take over his or her job for a little while. It is your job to ensure that all the people in the audience understand what you are trying to tell them. Also, make sure that you pay attention to how your teacher gives lectures, as they are great examples of presenters.

  • Visualize your success before, during your presentation and after it. Be humble about what you do — no need for cockiness — but imagine a successful powerpoint presentation at all times. Do not let the thought of your failure creep into your mind.
  • In many ways, confidence is simply as important as the information which you are delivering.

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